1- What is custom clearance process?

The custom clearance process involves facilitating the passage of a shipment through customs, which is the governmental body overseeing adherence to international trade laws for shipments.

2- How can I clear my goods from customs in Pakistan?

Clearing goods from customs in Pakistan involves several steps:

  • Creating a Checklist.
  • Generating Goods Declaration (GD) on the WeBoc system.
  • Customs Evaluation.
  • VGM Verification (extra fees may apply).

Releasing cargo from different Export holds.

3- What is custom clearance fee?

The fee for customs clearance is directly paid to the customs broker or agent to manage documentation submission and process duty payments. It might be charged as a fixed rate per service, a bundled service fee, or a percentage of the shipment’s value.

4- How long does customs clearance take?

Usually, customs clearance is completed within 24 hours. Yet, there are instances when goods might undergo inspection, causing the process to extend for several days or weeks.

5- How long does customs clearance take?

Customs clearance aims to verify payment of relevant import duties and taxes and ensure compliance with regulations. Businesses or individuals need to furnish comprehensive details about the shipment, covering its value, source, destination, and contents, to facilitate the clearance process.

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